Captain Ishmar

Captain of the city guard of Brilliance


The captain received his position 15 years ago during the war. He is the 5th to hold the position since the founding of the city 263 years ago and the formation of a formal guard 128 years ago. A veteran of the war, he proved himself and excellent administrator and leader of men at the age of 29. After an injury that prevented him from marching long distances, he was given the position of honor by the former Captain of Guard. He has taken to the role remarkably well. He is sharp and focused at all times, never letting the exhaustion of the job show to anyone who speaks with him. The guard are sharp and disciplined men thanks to his constant attention and ability to motivate men to perform mundane tasks with strict professionalism. When he is not in ear shot, guards have been known to speak of him with pride in their voices. In fact, there has never been a better organized and well trained guard in the entire city’s history.


Captain Ishmar

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