Governer Marcus

The newly appointed Governer of Brilliance


Governor Marcus is a war hero. He personally led soldiers into combat and has likely seen as much battle as the archangel Michael in the last 30 years of the war. Seen as a strong leader and symbol of human strength and determination, he was quickly nominated and placed in charge of the city to usher in the new era. He is calm and rational in any stressful situation, known as a charming and charismatic man, and always ready to support a good song. His position gives him the direct ear of the Archangel Zadkiel, and he regularly receives advice and guidance from the heavens. However, the governor is a soldier first, a husband second, and a politician fourth. (He’s a great singer) Forceful in his policy and direct in his methods, he is finding difficulty in running the city of Brilliance and seeks a way out that still allows him grace and the legacy of being humanity’s first leader in the new era.


Governer Marcus

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