The war is over.

So now begins the first age of mankind.

Welcome to the public database for the
campaign setting of Tikkun Olam (working title)

This setting is a work in progress. All names, locations, etc are subject to change as more time and thought are put into the ideas presented here. Any and all names resembling real world religious figures are used as inspiration and are not intended to mock or make light of those figures. Names will likely be changed in time.

Tikkun Olam is a world much younger than most D&D worlds. Mankind has only recently built it’s first cities. There are no ancient ruins to delve and no long lost magic civilizations to research. At least, not in this realm…
The war between the heavens and hells used this land as its battlefield. Centuries of bloodshed and horrific war have ravaged the young and vibrant land, leaving only meager plots of land untouched. After such an exhausting struggle, the malefic hordes were defeated in a great event called “The Banishing” Now humanity must struggle to claim it’s place in this world and repair the damage done. Led both in spirit and in form by Angels of the one true God, humanity is guided to greatness by heaven itself. The pagan elves, secretive dwarves, and orcish hordes still dominate the blood soaked land, untamed forests, and dark caverns.
Your adventures will start in year one of this new era. Each adventure adding to and shaping the world itself. Who will dominate the land, will humanity find its place, and can you help repair this war torn world?

Tikkun Olam